Friday, October 17, 2008

Leave Joe alone

The left has itself in a tizzy, trying to find every bit of information on Joe Wurzelbacher. The media is racing to do as much research on the guy is possible. We know he's not really a plumber. We know his first name isn't really Joe. We know he didn't pay his taxes. We know he's a registered Republican. We know that under Obama's plan he would actually get a tax cut. But who cares about any of that?

This guy is not a candidate for anything. Pundits have joked that Wurzelbacher, like Palin, wasn't vetted one iota before thrusted onto the national stage, but unlike Palin, Wurzelbacher isn't on a ballot. This hunt to prove that McCain may not have chosen the best example is a waste of time. The person he chose isn't the point. By fighting this fight, liberals are caught up in the same irrelevant politics as the people they oppose. They should instead stick to the issues; the ones that have propelled their candidate into a virtually insurmountable lead.

It gets worse

This thing has jumped the shark.

It isn't news to any of this blog's readers that I find the McCain campaign to be dinshonorable. McCain has shown his true colors for over a month now. The claims made by and on behalf of his campaign are regularly disgusting and commonly considered to be the lowest form of politics by people far less biased than me. 

Palin addressed a fundraiser claiming that some portions the country are "pro-America," a clear implication that other parts of the country are not.  And just now Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann from Minnesota was on Hardball repeating the GOP talking points about Ayers, ACORN, Rezko, yada, yada. Her conclusion was that Obama is anti-American and when pressed by Matthews to name other members of the United States Congress who are anti-American, Bachmann said that was a great question. She said the media needs to dig deep and find out which members of Congress -- the ones elected by Americans -- are pro-American and which ones are anti-American. Against Americans!

There is no better a gauge of a person than how he acts when he's down. McCain is panicking. The race is over. His career is finished. His legacy is tarnished. These comments aren't all made by him, but they are not refuted -- indeed, they are often approved -- by McCain. And in that moment of truth, he has proved to be absolutely despicable.

I'll post video as soon as it's up. 


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Re: Blue Michigan

A reader in Michigan who works for the obama campaign wrote to say that while some people are moving to Indiana, not a single office in Michigan is closing. Here is the reader's comment:

Those reports are false. Some people are going to Indiana but I am staying in Michigan. We are also not closing a single office in Michigan. Some people here are being redistributed and we are redrawing some territory so that those of us left have bigger responsibilities. But no, I'll be here until the election. 90 of the 90 offices are remaining open so that's not exactly a pull out, know what I mean? 

Blue Michigan

In another sign that Obama has a serious chance of taking a big bite out of Bush states, Marc Ambinder reported that Obama is pulling staffers out of Michigan. He is doing so not to save money and not because he's ceding the state. Staffers are moving away from Michigan because the state appears to be safely in Obama's territory, so they're moving to Indiana. 

It's easy in the hullabaloo of the campaign to ignore the amazing news here. Following the 2004 election I would have said Indiana may not vote for a Democrat for decades. The state went to Bush in 2004 with 60 percent of the vote. And yet Obama is throwing all he can there with three weeks to go, and Palin is reportedly campaigning in Indianapolis on Friday.

And in a related story, CNN switched Virginia to the lean Obama category following the release of its poll showing Obama in front by 10. Bush won that state by 9 in 2004.

Obama's everywhere

Yesterday I saw bloggers posting images from video games featuring Obama ads. It turns out the Obama campaign bought advertising with Electronic Arts, which is now featuring Obama in select video games. Be sure to check out these examples

Today I stumbled on an independent website called, Yes We Carve. It's a blog of pumpkins designed to look like Obama or his logo. The site feautres pictures from all over the country and even gives downloadable stencils so you can do your own. 

Monday, October 13, 2008

Right where he wants them

Usually when I play pick up basketball and my team is losing (and my team is usually losing), I will make the always funny joke that I've got my opponents right where I want them. I say it when we're down 10-1, playing to 11. I say it after a guy blows past me for an easy layup. It's an obvious joke because I clearly have no chance. 

I'm guessing that's not the image the McCain campaign wanted when it unveiled his latest stump speech. In it, he notes his campaign is down, that there's not much time left, that the current political environment is against him, that most people favor Democratic policies right now. Then he ends the long list of whining by saying, "My friends, we've got them just where we want them." 

What more do you need?

Obama made a big announcement today on his website. With North Carolina very much in play, Obama rolled out the biggest endorsement he could get. Check it out:

Join Dean and Linnea Smith in supporting Barack

There is a point in every contest when sitting on the sidelines is not an option. Coach Smith and Linnea Smith are urging North Carolinians to get involved at this crucial moment.

If you believe America needs to set a new course, then the time to join us is now. Get involved with Barack Obama's Campaign for Change by knocking on doors and talking to your neighbors about how Barack Obama and Joe Biden will bring the change we need.

Ben Smith wrote that this endorement may not help Obama with the Duke fans. I want to remind him that those fans were already voting Republican.