Friday, October 17, 2008

It gets worse

This thing has jumped the shark.

It isn't news to any of this blog's readers that I find the McCain campaign to be dinshonorable. McCain has shown his true colors for over a month now. The claims made by and on behalf of his campaign are regularly disgusting and commonly considered to be the lowest form of politics by people far less biased than me. 

Palin addressed a fundraiser claiming that some portions the country are "pro-America," a clear implication that other parts of the country are not.  And just now Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann from Minnesota was on Hardball repeating the GOP talking points about Ayers, ACORN, Rezko, yada, yada. Her conclusion was that Obama is anti-American and when pressed by Matthews to name other members of the United States Congress who are anti-American, Bachmann said that was a great question. She said the media needs to dig deep and find out which members of Congress -- the ones elected by Americans -- are pro-American and which ones are anti-American. Against Americans!

There is no better a gauge of a person than how he acts when he's down. McCain is panicking. The race is over. His career is finished. His legacy is tarnished. These comments aren't all made by him, but they are not refuted -- indeed, they are often approved -- by McCain. And in that moment of truth, he has proved to be absolutely despicable.

I'll post video as soon as it's up. 


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