Wednesday, November 28, 2007


The Puerto Rican beauty has been interviewed now on the Today show this morning, and was just on MSNBC. I don't know anything, or care, about her story, but wouldn't it be interesting to know why NBC is giving the story time? Meredith explained at the end of the interview: the Miss Universe pageant is partly owned by NBC Universal.


One of the things I want this blog to focus on, and bring attention to, is the double standard in the media. I will highlight the stories that get negative attention for Democrats, but don't create the same echo chamber for a Republican.

One recent example would be the McCain-bitch exchange, in which a Republican presidential candidate said a questioner had asked an "excellent question" about Hillary Clinton. The question: "How do we beat the bitch?" This got almost no play, but just think of the news cycle had John Edwards told an audience member that such a question was "excellent."

The latest example is far more important. It's not horse race stuff, but rather foreign policy. Think Progress points out that when Nancy Pelosi traveled to Syria in April, the trip was labeled "a really bad idea" by the White House. The media bought the label hook, line and sinker. But now that BUSH is reaching out to the "evil doers," he's a diplomatic hero.