Friday, October 17, 2008

Leave Joe alone

The left has itself in a tizzy, trying to find every bit of information on Joe Wurzelbacher. The media is racing to do as much research on the guy is possible. We know he's not really a plumber. We know his first name isn't really Joe. We know he didn't pay his taxes. We know he's a registered Republican. We know that under Obama's plan he would actually get a tax cut. But who cares about any of that?

This guy is not a candidate for anything. Pundits have joked that Wurzelbacher, like Palin, wasn't vetted one iota before thrusted onto the national stage, but unlike Palin, Wurzelbacher isn't on a ballot. This hunt to prove that McCain may not have chosen the best example is a waste of time. The person he chose isn't the point. By fighting this fight, liberals are caught up in the same irrelevant politics as the people they oppose. They should instead stick to the issues; the ones that have propelled their candidate into a virtually insurmountable lead.

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